10 Questions Businesses Have About Social Media Marketing

Social media is the newest platform that allows people and businesses to connect online. It’s crucial that you capture your audience on this platform because your competitors certainly will. But what won’t you know about this new market? Here are the top 10 questions about social media that companies commonly have.


“Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.”– Amy Jo Martin


1. What Can Social Media Do for My Business?

10 questions about social media

First and foremost, why even use social media? Because the impact that it can have on your base of customers is too great to ignore. If you’re not utilizing a social media marketing strategy, you are actually harming your own business. Here’s what social media can do for you.


  • Broaden your consumer base
  • Create a higher conversion rate
  • Share new products and ideas
  • Get better feedback
  • Get in touch with your customers
  • Strengthen your online presence
  • Increase brand awareness


2. What Should / Shouldn’t I Do on Social Media?

First off, make sure you’re on the social media that your consumer base uses the most. Be it Twitter, Instagram, or FaceBook, be sure to stay closest to your demographic. Ideally, you want to be on all of them, and be sure to do the following.



Do post with regularity

Do appeal to your audience

Do look up the right times to post content

Do share content as much as possible

Do strategize what you share

Do have original content

Do stay on brand

Do use the feedback you get


Do not…

Do not post dull material

Do not spam content

Do not forget about hashtags!

Do not be offensive

Do not use the wrong tone in your content

Do not share content late at night

Do not delete negative comments, simply address them


3. How Can I Measure the Benefits?

Perhaps one of the more pertinent questions, how can a company measure the effectiveness of their online social media marketing strategy? It boils down to the big three: traffic, leads, and customers. Much like any other metric for success, you’ll want to increase the number of people going to your site, make sure they convert when they do so, and then further engage your customers to keep them happy and buying your products or services.


4. But What Exactly is the Return on Investment?

10 questions about social media

The ROI you get is a direct result of your social media marketing strategy, and how focused it is. But regardless, you will see a direct return on investment whether you spend your own time making a page on FaceBook or hiring professionals to do it for you. New leads, more traffic, and more engaged customers can actually beat out monetary gains in the long run.


5. Does My Site Need a Blog?

New and more content is never a bad idea. So if you have the time and inclination to do so, start up your own blog on your website. Not only will this drive traffic, but it will also present you with a unique opportunity to showcase products, show off your expertise, and most importantly of all, reach your consumers.


6. Which Sites are the Best?

10 questions about social media

The short answer is whichever sites your demographic uses the most. Again, in a perfect world, you would have a presence on every form of social media. But seeing as that could take a considerable amount of time, here’s the top five in order of importance:

1 Facebook

2 Twitter

3 Linkedin

4 YouTube

5 Pinterest


7. What Common Mistakes Can I Avoid?

In a word: inconsistency. Posting at irregular or sporadic times, avoiding answering comments on your page, and refusing to engage with your clientele can spell disaster for your company. This is part of the reason larger businesses employ people just to respond to FaceBook comments because failing to do so hurts the brand.


8. How Creative Should my Posts Be?

10 questions about social media

Honestly, you would be hard pressed to find that your posts are too creative. Always keep the message simple and direct, but otherwise have fun with your social media marketing. People respond to clever ads and jokes.


9. What Online Tools Can I Use?

When it comes to social media content, nobody quite has the same layout as FaceBook. Moreover, aside from the FaceBook-based programs, there are also third-party based apps, such as Qwaya and KISSmetrics. See what works best for you.


10. What is Inbound Marketing?

As we’ve mentioned before, inbound marketing is the future. Gone is the way of big, expensive television ads and banners, nowadays connecting with your base online yields far more conversions than simply casting a wide net, for companies large and small alike. So entertain, educate, and most importantly, interact with your clientele in a meaningful way. You’ll get far more out of engaged customers rather than mass marketing.

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