How the Internet Beat Out Traditional Media Amongst Young People

The modern world certainly does not favor traditional forms of advertising. That’s why since 2016, digital media has had more advertisement marketing invested than television, radio, and print ads combined. Online media is the future, and (perhaps not) surprisingly, new businesses are taking advantage of this new market quickly. Here are the new trends in digital media vs. traditional media.


“The universe rewards calculated risk and passion.” – Joe Rogan


1. Joe Rogan. YouTube Subscribers: 4.4 Million. Net Worth: $25 Million.

Digital media vs. traditional media

One of the most surprising examples of how an individual can take advantage of a new media front, comedian turned UFC commentator Joe Rogan has had a very unique and successful career. Appearing on NBC’s NewsRadio early on, doing comedy gigs at clubs, then eventually bulking up and becoming a UFC commentator, and now finally being one of the biggest podcasters on the Earth, Mr. Rogan has had anything but an orthodox journey. Joe Rogan also has a firsthand account of how digital media vs. traditional media pans out. Here’s a quick snapshot.


1988 – began his career in comedy

1995 – appeared as a regular on NewsRadio

1997 – began commentating for UFC

2000 – released his first comedy special

2001 – became the host of “Fear Factor”

2009 – started his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience”

Today – still holds iTunes #4 slot for the top podcast of all time


So how did a shrimpy, no-name comic become one of the most popular podcasters of all time? Throughout his time spent hopping from job to job, Joe Rogan always kept a broad mind and was open to new experiences. With eyes always to the horizon and an ear always to the ground, even Mr. Rogan acknowledges that in most cases he simply lucked out. But the most important part of obtaining success is seizing the opportunity when it presents itself. Something this Jiu-Jitsu champ prides himself for taking numerous risks in, regardless of the field.


2. Conan O’Brien. YouTube Subscribers: 6.6 Million. Net Worth: $85 Million

Digital media vs. traditional media

Despite having a tumultuous time on television, Conan O’Brien quickly found that he had a larger demographic online, coupled with more revenue than network tv. This is in part because his ratings on the show’s home of TBS were beginning to sag, but the number of views and subscriptions online were rapidly rising. As such, creating more online content seemed to be the logical choice, and it certainly paid off. Conan’s podcast outranks Mr. Rogan’s as #3 on the iTunes chart. With additional YouTube creations like the popular “Clueless Gamer” series and “Conan Without Borders,” Team Coco was able to capitalize on his newfound internet fame.


Conan O’Brien, like Joe Rogan, are fine examples of how connecting with your audience can reap rewards in terms of online monetization. Because they click with their demographic, there’s no shortage of advertisers willing to sign up, and there’s no shortage of content, either. It just goes to show you that business practices in the internet age are a far cry away from older methods. On the debate of digital media vs. traditional media, the latter is clearly going the way of the dodo.


3. Pewdiepie. YouTube Subscribers: 81 Million. Net Worth: $61 Million

Digital media vs. traditional media

Who or what is a Pewdiepie?

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg, or “Pewdiepie” as his YouTube handle states, is perhaps the largest YouTuber in the world (for the moment). Concentrating mostly on gaming videos and “Let’s Plays,” Felix has brought in a record number of subscribers. His success is such that many have correctly claimed that he produced an “Oprah” effect on the Indie titles he plays, as sales for the game increase substantially whenever he features them on his channel. Despite some heavy controversies, Pewdiepie’s channel has remained strong, and Time named him one of “The World’s 100 Most Influential People” in 2016. What does the man have to say about his internet based success?


“My parents said that sitting at home playing video games all day won’t bring you anywhere in life.” – Pewdiepie

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