Social Media in the Automotive Industry

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Technology has changed the way people do business. Moreover, social media in the automotive industry has changed the way cars are sold. Automotive digital advertising is a new frontier that car companies must address, or you’ll see a decline in sales. Here’s how to make social media work for your automotive company.


“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford


1. Facebook Ads

Social Media in the Automotive Industry

Social media in the automotive industry has changed the way cars are sold. We’ve gone into the impact of social media before, and car companies are not exempt from the effect. Where flashy television ads used to be the automotive industry’s bread and butter, modern times have shifted the landscape to social media advertisements. They’re less intrusive, feature better conversion rates, and most importantly, are completely cost-effective. There are few methods of advertising more affordable and more effective than reaching out on social media.


Therefore, FaceBook ads are the way to go. You can determine your reach, your demographic, the amount you want to spend and customize the ad with ease. Not sure how to get started? We here at Pinacl can help guide you.


By the numbers:

Here’s just a quick look at the stats on how social media in the automotive industry has changed the way cars are sold


90% of new vehicle buyers said social media influenced their decision when buying a vehicle

84% of all automobile buyers in America are on FaceBook

66% of car buyers clicked on a FaceBook ad for their current car

87% of car buyers used a discovery platform when researching what car they wanted to buy

31% of social media users considered FaceBook to be their primary platform when researching

25% of new car buyers used Twitter for automotive research

-Snapchat users are 2.4 times more likely to be interested in a new vehicle launch

-New car buyers spend 8.8 hours researching what car they want to buy

-FaceBook car ads are twice as likely to be clicked on as other advertisements


2. Instagram Marketing

Social Media in the Automotive Industry

When it comes to social media marketing, the automotive industry especially benefits from Instagram. As it turns out, people like being able to look at a car before buying it. Since the Ford Model T, the look of the car has always played a huge factor in its sales, and social media featuring pictures can promote your products simply by being on the platform. The only thing better than images for cars? Videos for cars. And this is another way social media in the automotive industry has changed the way cars are sold.


3. Social Media Strategies

Social Media in the Automotive Industry

Aside from their ads, Facebook Marketplace is also a great resource for the automotive industry. Users can buy and sell products to each other based on their location, and this has turned into a great opportunity for car salesmen. Furthermore, you can actually list cars on Facebook Marketplace for free and generate sales that way. Basically, feel free to expand your brand using every resource available, and we here at Pinacl can help you do exactly that. We’re all about spotting new trends in your industry.


4. How it All Converts Into Sales

Social Media in the Automotive Industry

Social media has given you a wide array of new tactics as someone in the automotive industry. First off is influencer marketing, or how local online influencers spread the word about your products. Want to know who your local influencers are? Pinacl can help. Furthermore, Pinacl can generate content for your social media, which is sure to get the attention of influencers. Moreover, videos, streaming services, and “stories” on FaceBook and Instagram can all be curtailed by our professional staff. If you were ever wondering how to market a car in the internet age, Pinacl has you covered. Social media ideas for car dealerships is our specialty.

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