The Impact of Social Media for Businesses

Since the Dutch East India Company publicly formed in 1602, businesses have been finding new ways to get their message out to their consumer base. Flyers on walls and town hall boards were the first types of advertisements. Next, the printing press made newspapers possible in 1690 and adverts started appearing shortly thereafter. Similarly, during the electric craze of the 1950s, we started seeing ads in radio and eventually television. Presently, the internet has given us a new platform: social media.


“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain


1. The Breakdown: Social Media

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First off, Hubspot claims that 92% of marketers in 2014 say social media is important to their business, with as much as 80% stating that they were seeking to increase traffic to their respective sites. Chances are you’re already on at least one or two of the hundreds of social media platforms out there. It’s such a new concept that most people don’t make the distinction of certain sites even being a social medium. But these apps and web pages are very much ingrained in people’s lives. Sites like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Flickr
  • WhatsApp


So, even if you’re familiar with the concept, what does social media mean for you and your business? Moreover, what are some social media advantages that your business can capitalize on? First off, we have to analyze and break down how people use different types of social media. Fortunately, the short answer is, “a lot.”


2. How Much Do People Use Social Media?

Average Time Spent Per Adult 18+ Per Day On Social Media


Studies have found that adults over the age of 18 spend more than half their waking hours using media in some form. Granted, the bulk of that time is spent watching TV, but internet-based media, especially apps are certainly noteworthy. Furthermore, the sheer amount of time the average person spends consuming media is the reason advertisements work so well in the first place. In essence, you really get your money’s worth.


Adults spend 14,600 minutes on social media a year. Source: Nielsen, 2018


Overall that translates to roughly 243 hours every year, just on social media. Therefore, to say the least, any form of media has an incredibly wide audience and makes for a great place to start finding your market. Larger companies are certainly aware of this, which is why Super Bowl advertisements are such a big deal. With 103.4 million viewers on average, large corporations have no problem shelling out $5 million per 30-second slot.


3. How Can Your Business Benefit From Social Media?

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In short: social media can essentially act as advertising. Every business worth their salt has a Facebook page, usually followed by a Twitter and Instagram. Furthermore, social media pages can grant your company the following benefits.

  • More customer insight
  • Better SEO
  • A decrease in marketing costs
  • An increase in traffic
  • Greater online authority
  • Higher conversion rates
  • More opportunities to convert
  • Brand recognition
  • Brand loyalty


Moreover, your competition is already using social media to promote their business. So if you’re not doing the same, your market is being poached out from under you. Likewise, if your competitors are somehow not on social media, that’s all the more reason to become involved with the platforms. Either way, you gain a major edge when it comes to reaching your market. According to Social Media Examiner, 97% of current marketers are participating in social media in some form or another. However, 85% of participants simply aren’t sure which social media tools are the right ones to use. That’s where we step in.


4. How We Can Help

Social Media Icon Rubik's Cube


Finally, we here at Pinacl can organize your social media into the best advertisement powerhouse that it can be. The return on investment is well worth the value of the service we can provide. Moreover, with social media advertising, you can begin to see consistent conversion rates the moment your site goes live. All in all, it’s one of the best ways for businesses to reach their market, regardless of how big or small the company is. That’s why everybody’s doing it!

As a result of Pinacl’s marketing tactics on social media, even when a potential client does not result in a conversion, referrals, customer retention, and email marketing can pay off extensively. Even with a marginal customer, that’s still traffic going to your site, which makes your brand more authoritative online. In conclusion, social media marketing has no real downside and will certainly help your business.

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